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Spiritual Direction Agreement and Contract

Our Relationship

Spiritual direction is a contemplative practice of deeply listening to another

person or group to awaken and pay attention to the mystery of Spirit and the presence in all of life. The act of committing to regular spiritual direction sessions, you are beginning or continuing a meaningful spiritual practice in your life. Reflecting and responding to that discovery in a growing awareness of freedom encourages this commitment to the practice. As a spiritual director, I recognize that the Divine has called each person into being, through God’s love and the Spirit is the true Director and Guide for each soul. During our time together, I will serve as the human spiritual companion to help discern the work of the Spirit in your life.

The  Guidelines for Ethical Conduct  explains my role in a general way. At times it is appropriate to discuss psychological and relational difficulties in the context of spiritual direction, yet I am not a psychotherapist, and do not offer specific advice.


Session Fee

The regular fee per one-hour session is $70 (USD), payable prior to or at the beginning of each session. This amount is guaranteed for at least 12 months.  In the case that the regular rate would prohibit you from participating in spiritual direction, please let me know. I offer a limited number of sliding scale hours per month, and we can potentially work out a rate you can afford. If you are currently attending school for spiritual direction, I offer a student discount. We will agree upon the amount before our first session. You can pay electronically (Venmo) or by check. 


Time of Sessions and Changes

We commit to begin and end our sessions on time. If you wish to change your appointment, you will let me know at least 24 hours in advance by emailing me. Without this advance notice, you agree to pay for 50% ($35) of the regular fee. I will not call or send reminders for the sessions, unless requested. Generally, spiritual direction occurs on a regular monthly, 60 minute session. However, you may desire to meet more frequently or for a longer session periodically, as long as it is scheduled in advance.


Confidentiality:  Our conversations are considered sacred and always confidential; however, I ask your permission to occasionally share information anonymously with my supervisory peer group. It is customary for directors to be in spiritual direction themselves, and to be in a peer supervision group as part of our own spiritual and professional growth. 

We agree to enter into this agreement as we journey together in spiritual direction as outlined above.

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