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Not everyone has a religion, 
but everyone has a spirit...


Lee Gropel Swenson

Spiritual direction training came from the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, a 2 year program and internship, in Minnesota. This cohort experience with fellow contemplatives is one of the richest times, where I felt such true belonging.  As a spiritual companion, I also like to say that I am 'life-trained.' I have a natural leaning toward living life contemplatively, wholly immersed in the moment, and very question-oriented. This has been an organic way of life, before formal training.

I am also a licensed teacher and have taught in public schools (Mn and Ca), higher education, and preschool.  I continue to work with The Mills Church (for over 10 years now), where I am a licensed minister and director of children's communities.

        My undergraduate degree in education focused on multicultural education

/human relations, enabling my teaching internship to take place on an Ojibwe Reservation. My masters degree in educational leadership (completed in 2002), took place working within a progressive college cohort in Northern California while teaching and living there for 7 years. 

Spiritual Direction / Companioning has felt like both a calling and a natural way of living. I was delighted to learn in the late 90's that a name for this kind of companionship existed, with a rich history, and a brilliant community of other spiritual companions --- fellow creative transcenders whom I so often encounter and connect with throughout my life journey.  I am a very committed member of Spiritual Directors International, and adhere to their Guidelines for Ethical Conduct. I continue to have an unquenchable desire to keep learning and growing. I recently trained in Yin Yoga and mindfulness. I love sharing Yin Yoga meditations with others.  Music, live shows, creativity/creating, meeting new people, swimming in the ocean, nature walks,
learning new things, pop-culture --  all feed my soul...

Some of Lee's Spiritual Background

Growing up during my grade school years, I was raised from Roman Catholic roots on my mom’s side. As long as I remember I have felt a sense of guided intuition, and had regular, ongoing conversations with God. My dad’s “religion” was music, and his ever-growing, constant rotation of his thousands of vinyl records, of every genre imaginable (and unimaginable) had a significant and direct impact on my spirituality and creativity. This journey has slowly led me to an interspiritual path, where love and compassion are the universal commonalties connecting us all. How we relate to others, ourselves and our environment are all Spiritual questions. There are many paths as seekers. Our practices are different; the way we glance toward God or Spirit is different; but the sacred act of holy listening honors the interconnectedness of all things. Encouraging the practice to notice, and pay attention to the divine in every day life. 

Meet the Creative Team


Lee + Frisson

Sometimes in the world of spiritual companioning, and spiritual practices it can feel very serious. As I’ve lived through life,  I have found it helpful  not to take oneself too seriously, and insert fun and creativity when possible.  There is an interesting word I love, “FRISSON” (pronounced ‘free-sawn’) If you have ever listened to an amazing song where it physically caused goosebumps, you have experienced Frisson.  As an avid, life-long music lover (particularly live music and vinyl), I experience the gift of Frisson a great deal.  It’s been written about a number of times light-heartedly; here is one Frisson explanation. Frisson is worth paying attention to, and I remain curious to this creative, transcending feeling. It has served me well in spiritual companioning, relationships, living a fun, wholly-immersed life, and draws me closer to my own inner intuition. My experience has been that the more we carve out intentional space from our lives for spiritual practices, creativity, giving genuine presence to moments and others, we can gain capacity for this connected, mysterious experience and can take time to wonder about the mystery that might be surrounding it, staying open to what our intuitive souls might be calling for.

Spiritual unfolding and inquiry is about every aspect of being human, experiencing God/Spirit/The Divine through all of our senses. As a dancer, artist, drummer, and music lover, I experience the Divine through the body with creative inner energy. This is what has also led me to the study and practice of Yin Yoga, meditation and mindfulness... ...recognizing the unique creativity that feeds the soul, and giving  attention to it.


I practice keeping my heart open to hearing and being Spirit's voice each day.

Walking this path of becoming closer to the people we are meant to be.

I desire to advocate for others in keeping this special time, to encourage  practices for grounding and connection.

Lee Swenson - Spiritual Gangster Shirt.jpeg

I love the transcending mystery that comes alive in the most unexpected ways and places. There is nothing like knowing Spirit in your heart and living from that place.  I would be honored to walk the spiritual journey with you...

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