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Questions to think about before our call

Hello, and welcome to this important reflective practice!


Thank you for taking a bit of time to think about the following things before we talk on the phone initially. This will help guide our initial, informal phone chat:

~Have you ever had a spiritual director/companion before?  (or something similar?)
If yes, what was this experience like?  Are there any particular parts of your previous relationship that you especially liked or was helpful to you? Were there any parts that didn’t feel like a good fit or maybe not so helpful to you?
If no, can you share a little bit about what is prompting you at this current time to seek a spiritual director/companion? 

~Do you have specific longings or desires that you hope a spiritual director/companion might help guide and listen with you about?

~Can you share a little bit about what you consider your spiritual life is like?  This can be anything from your background or current beliefs or questions/ponderings/difficulties you are experiencing.

~Do you have any questions for me that would be helpful for me to clarify or answer?

~Is there anything else you’d like to bring up during this time that would be helpful for you as you discern this process going forward?

*Please know that if we do not feel that we would be a good fit together, I have many colleagues with different approaches to spiritual direction/companioning that I would be happy to refer to you. Spiritual companioning has a long spectrum of different approaches and beliefs, and I feel fortunate to know many different spiritual companions that offer a wide array of backgrounds, beliefs, and approaches.

-Again, thank you for taking some time to think about these questions before our initial phone chat.  I’m looking forward to speaking with you.




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