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28-1852 ESX

the art of deep listening

the art of deep listening

A note from Lee...

Welcome. I am so glad you are here! There is this invisible intuition that exists in each of us that extends beyond human boundaries.  When we connect and respond to this intuition it can offer insight, creativity, and grounding, but it often requires time and space for this connection. As a trained spiritual companion offering experienced contemplative practices, it is a humbling honor to listen with another and witness what their soul and intuition may be calling for: 


Encouraging the practice of on-going attention, connection and relationship tending to your inner, quiet intuition. 


For those seeking a deeper, spiritual relationship with your own intuition, I am here to hold sacred, reflective space with you.

"The universe is only as large as our perception of it. When we cultivate our awareness, we are expanding the universe."

-Rick Rubin

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